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It all began with a jar of worms


Katherine and Wayne Niles February 15th 2015 Newsletter

Dr. Dan Fountain, harvesting ascaris worms from the belly of a 4 year old boy.

Dear Friends of Katherine and Wayne Niles,

A “jar of worms”, harvested surgically from the belly of a 4 year old boy changed forever the trajectory of my parent’s ministry. In our hearts, this week, we mark two years since God called Dad, Dr. Daniel Fountain, to his heavenly home. In his book, “Health for All: The Vanga Story” Dad describes how he saved a four year old boy who came with a life threatening obstructed bowel:

A tiny hole in the bowel allowed me to pull out the worms one by one ….the final count was 497! I closed the small hole … and then the abdominal incision … and God was faithful to his promise to heal. Within a week, Kilamba returned home … a major surgical triumph …”

Dr Lay, raises a celebratory “clean village” flag. They have met the criteria in water and sanitation to be declared ‘clean.’ This practice is typical of community health pioneered by Dan Fountain in Congo.

“Four months later, Kilamba stood in front of me again in the outpatient department. I looked at him, at his distended abdomen, recognized the incision, saw the stool exam report showing ascaris worms, and gasped. Another belly full of worms! A thundering question come to mind instantly – what on earth had I done for the health of this cute little boy? The answer was clear – absolutely nothing.”

From that moment on, my parents determinedly pursued a ministry promoting definitive, sustainable health for individuals and communities. This shaped the future of health care in Congo. In fact, ten years after the Kilamba story, lab tech’s at the Vanga hospital were hard pressed to find ascaris eggs in stool samples of ANY patient, as health care services became decentralized and communities got involved in changing health behavior (using latrines). The impact of Dad’s ministry in Congo is still felt – in people he trained and policies he forged. 50 years on, this “jar of worms” still inspires us, and others, to be strategic in impacting lives in the present, and for eternity.

As Wayne and I continue the quest of “health for all”, we count on your prayer and financial support, without which, we cannot respond to this call. Thanks for being here with us!

You can read the rest of the Fountain/Vanga story in Dad’s book and available at either of the following link: Health for All the Vanga story

Katherine & Wayne Niles

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