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#GivingTuesday 2015

This is a reminder that today 1 December 2015 is #GivingTuesday.  In last month’s Newsletter I mentioned we were overspending the amount of money we had budgeted to help patients in need.  Well, the trend continues.  We are constantly confronted with numerous extremely poor patients with urgent needs for medical care.  In November we helped 112 patients donating an average of $17.50 per patient for a total of $1959.57

Will you overspend your giving budget so we can help the sick here in Vanga Congo? I am sending a couple of more stories below.

Thank you for praying for us.  If you have comments, just reply to this Newsletter as the email goes to our email  If you would like to support the work in DRC, follow this link to our website.

Tim, Kathy and Nancy Rice

Over budget again?   
Since we arrived in Vanga, Democratic Republic of Congo, we have had a steady stream of desperately ill patients asking for help paying for their medical care.  The cost of medical care here at the hospital is kept as low as possible so that is easier for people to find the money from family and friends.  Even though the cost of care is very low, with 90% unemployment and day-to-day subsistence living, the available funds are also very limited.
          Let me share some more stories with you:
Thank the Lord for the 17 year old girl on that left.  She came with her Aunt who is a nurse at the Vanga Hospital asking for money $141 for an abdominal surgery.  I wanted to be sure this surgery was absolutely necessary.  In talking with the other doctors we decided to repeat her abdominal ultrasound.  The results of the ultrasound showed findings for abdominal TB and not the findings of cancer.  The patient and her Aunt were very happy with this new information and the much better prognosis.    We helped her avoid an expensive surgery and begin the medication that with God’s help will cure her. (TB lymphadenopathy)
This young Congolese boy, Moses, is playing with my hat while I visited with his mother at the Vanga Evangelical Hospital. His family could not afford her medical care. We helped pay her hospital bill and provided some funds so the family could eat. We are praying for a miracle healing of his 37 year old mother who has lung cancer.
The wife of the man on the left needed a c-section.  They did not have money to pay for this surgery.    Thanksgiving morning the hospital nurse on the right brought me this man along with his goat.  They asked me to buy the goat for $75 to pay for his wife’s surgery.  I bought the goat with money from our personal food budget and our workers are looking forward to having a little goat for their Christmas dinner this year.  Thank the Lord that the c-section went well and the mom and baby are both healthy and strong.
The work here continues to need financial support so we can teach doctors and nurses here as well as meet these kinds of financial need.  Thank you for being a wonderful part of the demonstration of God’s love here in Congo.  If you would like to support the work in DRC follow this link to our website.  

Tim Rice
Medical Missionary at Vanga, DRC